Issues Important to Teri Lyn

Together, we can restore the trust, integrity and excellence MSU has long been known for around the world.  You can count on me to work diligently to make that happen.

Affordability Icon

Keeping tuition costs down is essential to ensuring that MSU is affordable for ALL. MSU students and their families must never be burdened with paying the costs associated with bad decisions, criminal activities or lawsuits against the university. As an MSU Trustee, I will be a fierce advocate at the State Capitol to make sure MSU is equitably funded.

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MSU must be more than just affordable. Support systems must also be in place for first-generation college students and those who are struggling academically, emotionally or socially. I will work hard to secure the resources needed to maximize their chances of academic success and to ensure that MSU recruits and retains students of ALL socioeconomic backgrounds.

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Sadly, our beloved MSU has utterly failed to provide a safe culture for teaching and learning. We must and will do better. Rebuilding trust will take time and focused commitment, but it starts with an immediate, top-to-bottom external review of the university’s structure, systems, processes and procedures. For the half-million alumni, 12,000 employees, 50,000+ students, and especially for the hundreds of survivors, what happened in the Nassar case must never happen again, here or anywhere. After the external audit of the university’s practices and protocols, institutional and cultural reforms must be swift.