April 20, 2018

MSU Trustee Candidate Teri Lyn Bernero Calls for Investigation of Engler Remarks

Teri Lyn and Virg

Teri Lyn Bernero, Democratic candidate for Michigan State University Trustee, today called for an immediate investigation into interim president John Engler’s reported comments to survivor Kaylee Lorincz and his repeated attempts to silence her during Friday’s meeting of the MSU Board of Trustees.

Bernero said if the investigation confirms that Engler made the comments attributed to him by Lorincz, including an impromptu offer to settle Lorincz’s lawsuit against the university without her legal counsel present, as well as remarks that trivialized alleged sexual misconduct by a former MSU dean, Engler must resign or be terminated by the MSU Board of Trustees.

“If even half of what he is alleged to have said to Kaylee is true, time’s up for John Engler,” Bernero said. “His alleged remarks are deeply insensitive and, if true, shatter any expectation that he is fit to lead MSU. We need leaders who will bring accountability, transparency and change the culture at MSU. If these allegations are true, there is zero chance that MSU can restore the trust of students, faculty, alumnae and the public under his leadership. The Board must investigate immediately and, if proven, hit the reset button, before any more damage is done to the brave survivors and the university.”

Teri Lyn Bernero is a mom and a lifelong educator. Teri Lyn lives in Lansing and is married to 2010 Democratic gubernatorial nominee and former Lansing mayor Virg Bernero. Teri Lyn announced her candidacy for the MSU Board of Trustees earlier this week.